PROAV WH1000-HD 300 meters Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver /Wireless HDMI Extender

PROAV WH1000-HD 300 meters Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver /Wireless HDMI Extender

Model: PROAV WH1000-HD

  • Support Max Full-HD 1920x1080@60Hz
  • HDMI 1.4; Input HDCP 1.4
  • H.264 Compressor
  • Interface: HDMI-A
  • Support IR TX/RX Terminal
  • Wireless Transmission Distance: up to 300 meters
  • Wireless 5G 802.11ac
  • Video Input: 1080P@50/60Hz, 1080i@50/60Hz, 720P@50/60Hz, 576p@50Hz, 576i@50Hz, 480i@60Hz, 480P@60Hz
  • Video Output: HDMI 1.4
  • Audio Input : MAX 8 channel
  • Audio Ouput : Stereo (2 channel)
  • Audio Sampling Rate : 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
  • 1 Button for Rebooting or Pairing
  • * Please note this version used to have model No. of WL-PROAV WH5000 before April 2019. Now it's officially named PROAV WH1000-HD.
  • * Please also expect our 4K version soon which will take up the name of PROAV WH5000.
Wireless HDMI Extender

300 meters wireless HDMI extender

Delicate Design

Detachable antennas, easily portable casing, elegant dark colour, all these elements give you aesthetic pleasure.

Powerful Functionality

When TX and RX are in a more complex environment, say a house with many brick walls, the built-in amplifier will make it possible for signal to travel through walls, which extends the signal coverage as much as possible.


Designed with both HDMI and VGA ports, giving more options for you to choose. You can connect either HDMI monitors or VGA monitors; other than that, you can also share your set-top-box channels to other monitors.

High-Definition Resolution

For the moment, TX/RX kit supports up to 1080P resolution images; you can transmit videos to other monitors for gaming, video sharing, commercial, medical imaging, etc.

More Receivers, more video transmission

One transmitter can extend to max. 4 receivers. To add up more receivers, you only need to press and hold the function button for 6 to 10 seconds on both transmitter and receivers to complete the pairing process.

Transmitter ——— powerful video sender

To send videos to receivers, you can connect the transmitter to various AV devices including a large realm of possibilities, such as digital cameras, set-top-boxes, laptops, etc.

Receiver ——— practical video dealer

To receive videos, you only need to set up the network between TX and RX, RX will automatically search TX signals, making it easier and practical. If necessary, a transmitter can extend up to 4 receivers, you can either work on projects or enjoy your entertainment effectively.

Simple Design for Multiple Usage

As to applying the TX and RX kit to practical use, you may come across them in malls, or conference rooms; you may also need to enjoy your family time and study in classrooms. Any possible places that need video transmission, you can never go wrong with this product.

  • Model

    PROAV WH1000-HD

  • TX

    Input: 1 x HDMI, 1 x USB

    Output: 1 x HDMI

  • RX

    Input: 1 x USB

    Output: 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x RCA

  • Buttons

    1 x Pair button

  • LED

    Power Indicator: Red

    Status Indicator: Green

  • Power Supply

    DC5V / 2A

  • RF Power


  • Power Consumption

    <8Watt ( 1TX + 1RX )

  • Rated Voltage / Frequency / Current

    100-240 AC. 50/60Hz, 0.7A Max , CLASSⅡ

  • Unit Dimensions

    145mm x 89mm x 17.5mm ( L x W x H )

  • Housing Material


  • Weight


  • Shell Color


  • Working Standards

    No latency within 5 meters; Maximum 200ms latency within 50 meters

  • In The Box

    1 x Wireless Transmitter

    1 x Wireless Receiver

    1 x IR Blaster Cable (Transmitter)

    1 x IR Sensor Extender Cable (Receiver)

    2 x Power Adapters

    4 x Wireless Antennas

    1 x HDMI Cable

    1 x Quick Guide